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Michio the fallen angel :iconzasawakikayji:ZasawakiKayji 3 3 Can jew love me? :iconzasawakikayji:ZasawakiKayji 6 4 Spike (Supaiku in Kanji) :iconzasawakikayji:ZasawakiKayji 5 6 Why not? :iconzasawakikayji:ZasawakiKayji 4 6 Do you have your beloved by your side? :iconzasawakikayji:ZasawakiKayji 2 2 Free Company's mercenary in Vietnam, circa 1971 :iconzasawakikayji:ZasawakiKayji 3 2 For whom love ugly :iconzasawakikayji:ZasawakiKayji 7 2 My new object of interest :iconzasawakikayji:ZasawakiKayji 2 1 I'm ugly, and I know it :iconzasawakikayji:ZasawakiKayji 2 2 Hardcore hug :iconzasawakikayji:ZasawakiKayji 2 2 Geburstag Bild! :iconzasawakikayji:ZasawakiKayji 5 4 Dirty nekomimi Frulein :iconzasawakikayji:ZasawakiKayji 2 4 Mah little psycho :iconzasawakikayji:ZasawakiKayji 3 4 Starting! :iconzasawakikayji:ZasawakiKayji 5 1


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Michio the fallen angel
I tried to make my own short manga recently, and this exact window looked good, so I colored it... Not sure if it was good idea :D

(note: This was literally just a timekiller)
Can jew love me?
Question isn't "Why I drew Nazi officer seducing young Jewish woman", question is "Why not" :D!

His name is Jacob, and he's young Czech who was permited to join Waffen SS in 1934, because of his Germanic ancestors. Her name is Theresa, and she's also from Czechoslovakia, but she's jewish. After 1935, when Nuremberg laws were put into force, she started to be oppressed alongside with other jews. In 1936 she met Jacob in one bar in Prague (Czechoslovak capital). Jacob fell in love with beautiful Jewess on first sight. First she was scared by black uniform of SS officer, and she run away from bar.
Jacob then started to search for Theresa everywhere, but he wasn't able to find her anywhere. In 1943 he was sent to Easter front to fight Soviets. When he returned from Russia in 1944 with horrible scar crossing his left eye, he again started his search for Theresa. He finally found her in March, 1944 on worst place he could - in Auschwitz concrentation camp! He acted quickly - his uniform served as good camouflage and he slipped into the camp. He also smuggled a nice dress and blonde wig here. He found Theresa in bad shape, but living. She quickly dressed and took the wig, and with Jacob in lead they sneaked around sleepy guards.
Both Jacob and Theresa survived the War. In 1948, after Comunism rised in Czechoslovakia, they moved to western Germany. There they had two children and lived happily to Jacobs death in 1978.
Seems like opposites really go together :3

Also, do you get the pun? I like how "jew" sounds pretty similar as "you". It's same as "catastrophe" and "cat ass trophy".
Spike (Supaiku in Kanji)
Just doodling around when I realised that I drew something... diferently good? I guess I can say it.

Here we have "Spike" - galaxy's most feared cyborg bounty hunter! She's dresed in tight thermo-shirt and loose pants. She operates huge roller bow, that she can easilly pull with her biomechanical arm. She has such arm because of bad driving accident, in which she lost her arm, half of the ribcage and broke her neck. The hose beginning in her head conects brain with spinal cord, also with the robo-arm. She can appear scary, due to her painted smile, but inside she's just poor soul that forgot to feel. Nowadays, many years after the accident, she's searching for most dangerous killers, castaways and other villains, and hopes that one day she will find opponent worth (and capable) of killing her in a fight and ending her suffering...

Bruh, writing long stories in english is not my favorite thing to do :D
Why not?
I saw my favorite artist post a "Meet the artist" picture recently, and I decided to do so, too.

Sorry, but I'm really running outa ideas :D Times are sick and I'm sick too. Hope ye do not treat me as a copypasta.
Do you have your beloved by your side?
Fuh, I hope I made it on time 0_0! Here in Kagoshima it's 1:00 am of 15. feb already, so I hope it will get to you right on the Valentine's! (*yawn* Gointa sleep right now!)

Btw it's caption of my parents in their younger days. Drawn after old photo, which looked really cute :3!
Ah... This is kinda embarassing... AHEM - Hi there, people who accidentally ended here. First of, little advice: Don't do things just because some freak at school told ye to do so. And, cuz I really dunno what to say: Hope ye guys will like mah drawings.


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